Spray Control® is a preventive spray protection for flange connections of all sizes.

Spray Control® is designed as a spray protection ring and ensures simple installation and sealing on flanges. A special steel mesh in the ring catches any spray, dissipates the energy and ensures pressure-free dripping. Spray Control® is also perfect vapor protection.

Spray Control® is successfully used on all types of flange connections: round, oval or other shapes, with or without a gap. The flexible steel mesh adapts to the flange gap. Where other rings could not be used effectively due to a small gap or other distances deviating from the standard, you have no problem with Spray Control®. Spray Control® almost always fits.

Spray Control® spray protection rings are available in a wide range of sizes for a variety of applications.

Spray Control® is characterized by

– Universal use
– Assembly without tools
– Best materials
– Reusability
– Secure closure
– Easy handling
– Adjustability for a perfect fit

SPRAY CONTROL © in round, oval and square shape.

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